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Xbox Games with Gold

Here’s a simple trick for all the Xbox 360 owners out there who are waiting for Halo/Sunset Overdrive/Forza Horizon 2 to buy their Xbox One console, if you have an Xbox Gold account, you can pick up the free month game for the Xbox One simply by logging onto Xbox.com and using the same email address and password you use …

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iPhone 4S iOS updates yes? no?

Many of you will no doubt be running with a trusty, reliable, non-bendy iPhone 4S and will of noticed the prompt telling you iOS 8.0.2 is available to install, now before you rush to click on that download button read this; Don’t bother iOS8 will not add much apart from some notifications/quick replies to the iPhone 4S and will cause …

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Anyone seen Grand Designs last night?

Cutting away a complete side of a shipping container seems to of weakened the overall structue.  Cutting away the side of your iPhone to move the power button and making your volume buttons elongated rather than the circles of the previous versions seems to of weakened the structure of the phone, maybe.  Or perhaps, and we’ve not seen a brand …

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Keys to the castle

The boss is away and I have the password, prepare for something possibly controversial!