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Anyone seen Grand Designs last night?

Cutting away a complete side of a shipping container seems to of weakened the overall structue.  Cutting away the side of your iPhone to move the power button and making your volume buttons elongated rather than the circles of the previous versions seems to of weakened the structure of the phone, maybe.  Or perhaps, and we’ve not seen a brand new iPhone 6 Plus yet so can’t comment, but is there a big warning label in the packaging telling users to not put the phone in their pocket?  You know, like phone users have done since, well, the Nokia 6110 perhaps?

Strange how Samsung Note 3 users, Sony Ultra users and Lumia 1520 users have not bent their phones.

Over designed and under engineered perhaps?

In all fairness, Apple apparently have had no complaints;

So it is perhaps all a storm in a teacup.