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Oh no! I broke my iPhone…

This Christmas like the last one has been a Apple fest, just as much as a mince pie fest! The tech giant, once the darling of creatives and media people, but now a mainstream must have, will no doubt report records sales for the Christmas period. The iPhones and iPads have been flying off the shelves.


These shiny gadgets, which we have all come to love have a flaw! If you drop them they break! Now, iPhone and iPad owners need not be too alarmed by this scary fact because help is a first class post or a call away. Fix My the Gadget Doctors can repair your iPhone or iPad in a jiffy. With a extensive range of replacement parts in the armoury and a team of expert iPhone repair technicians and iPad gurus.


‘We have seen an increase, certainly in repairs coming in’ commented Fix My techie Roger, ‘Mainly cracked front iPhone screens or broken iPad digitisers, plus we’ve had our fair share of faulty home screen buttons. We can pretty much repair most things that can be broken or damaged on an iPhone, or that can go wrong with your iPad and the best thing about it is – we have loads of happy customers, as they get their essential gadget back – all fixed up’.


So if Santa has been kind this year and your cherished pressie has already met the floor – don’t panic get in touch with Fix My – your newly repaired iPhone or iPad is just a first class post away!