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Playstation 4 release date

As the PlayStation 3 is now at its peek, Sony has more in the pip line. With the intense competition in the video game world as it is, Sony’s plans for the PlayStation 4’s release are already being put into motion. Not only is the PlayStation 4 all geared up, but even the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 6 are in their early stages in Sony’s labs.


Although we’ve yet to see what the PS3 can fully do when really put through its paces (in fact Sony states that games currently on the market are not even close to pushing the system to its full potential), the thought of an even more powerful console looming on the horizon has gamers worried about the holes it will leave burning in their pockets, but giddy at the possibilities of what this new behemoth of a console will be able to pull off. Just imagine the advanced hardware on this thing, it will be insane!


The Big Question…

The big question on everyone’s mind is when will the PlayStation 4 be released? Sony has not given out any official information regarding the future launch, but a release date is reckoned to be late 2013, which follows the Sony trend of previous console generations, PlayStation 1 was released in late 1994 in Japan and 1995 throughout the rest of the world. The PlayStation 2 was launched in 2000, which give the PS1 a retail shelf life of 6 years from its Japanese launch. Then the PlayStation 3 came out in 2006, 6 years after the PS2.


Other rumors have also circulated lately which backs up these claims. At a Game Developer’s Conference in Germany, the CEO of Crytek announced that his company’s development of their next-generation graphics engine, the CryEngine3, will release in 2012, around the same time a PlayStation 4 could launch. Although he stated he had no concrete information that the PS4 would be released around this time, and that even if he did, he would not be at liberty to share that information, he expected this to be the release window of the new system.