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New Apple iPad 4 review

After releasing 3 iPads in one year, this is surely more than anyone asked for and not too many for Apple to sell with great success. Well, here come number 4 – the ‘new’ new iPad. As some iPad 3 owners would say ‘not much has changed’ and they’re not without a point.


Anyway, the tablet market is still appears to be Apple’s with the double November release, may look like an intrusion on Google and Microsoft’s tablet market but in fact Apple has the strength to compete on both fronts. The iPad mini against compact droids and the iPad 4 against the rest leaving nothing to chance in defending its number one spot.


The fourth generation iPad is no major upgrade, it keeps the design, display and the main camera of its predecessor. It has got is a new chipset and the new Lightning port, also HD FaceTime front cam but that’s hardly worth a mention. Overall it’s the same as the one released back in March 2012, with the class-leading Retina display and a welcome boost to the processing power. On the plus side the Lightning port ensures seamless compatibility with the iPhone 5, which has sold by the millions.


The Apple iPhone 5 was one of the most hyped products of last year, Apple’s latest smartphone doesn’t look a lot different from the iPhone 4 or 4S at first sight, dimensions are little slimmer and weighs a little lighter than the 4S, but in hand it feels noticeably so. This is due to the attractive new aluminium design, available in either black and slate or white and silver, which feels rigid and sturdy, despite its slenderness.