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Broken iPhone screen, then do not worry . . .

The iPhone Screen replacement is one of the most common repairs accounting approximately 90% of all repairs! But if you have broken iPhone screen or LCD, this can be repaired pretty quickly with no loss of data.


Did you know?

The display on a typical phone is made up of two parts, the LCD display plus a transparent cover, known as a Lens or Glass that protects the delicate LCD. The display on an iPhone is a one piece component comprising an LCD display with a touch screen sensor called a Digitizer, although sometimes the LCD and Digitizer can be separate components. The 3 main reasons for your mobile phone LCD screen cracks are:


•  Your iPhone has been dropped!

•  Your iPhone has been carried in a back pocket, excess pressure on the display causing it to twist and eventually crack.

•  Something heavy hit or fell on your iPhone.


If your display still works but has a number of visible cracks over it, then this is the lens or digitizer that has brozen and can easily be replaced. If the display is unreadable or has a black/blue stain on it, then it is likely to be a LCD fault and again can be easily replaced.



iPhone repair, liquid/water damage

The damage caused when a phone becomes immersed in liquid or from condensation, is due to the fact that most liquids contain corrosive salts or chemicals. These remain in the phone and eat away at the phones electronic components, breaking soldered connections.


Simply drying your phone will not remove do! If the deposits remain they will continue to corrode the delicate internal components of your phone and will do irreversable damage! If your phone has suffered from any liquid damage do not try to dry out the handset. A DIY repair of a liquid damaged phone can appear to work, but this will only be a short term fix. Without specialist cleaning of delicate components the corrosion remains and over time it will distroy your phone.


Charging a liquid damaged phone also risks further damage. Liquid and corrosion can lead to short circuits that distroy the fragile electronic components. Most phones have a colour change water indicator. A red dot indicates that water or liquid has entered the phone and this will normally invalidate your manufacturers warranty.