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iPhone 5 screen up for a quick repair

With their good looks and slick glass bodies the iPhone 4S and 4 so sophisticated, there could be nothing more upsetting but to drop it, only the once and your heart will sink expecting the worst and there is no quick ‘undo button’. The glass is smashed and so far with the iPhone 4S and 4 if you show up at an Apple Store with a shattered display, Apple would simply replace that phone with a refurbished one and not even bother changing the screen in store.

But with the iPhone 5 that has all changed. Fix My Broken have discovered it takes around 5 to 10 minutes to replace a broken iPhone 5 screen with a brand new one, and the back is no longer made from glass, so the iPhone 5 is much less likely to break. Further more – a ‘reliable sources’ within Apple saying that broken iPhone 5 screens will be replaced with new displays there and then in the store and not just exchanged for a new or refurbished phone.

The equipment for replacing screens has allegedly starting arriving in Apple Stores. Apple has previously replaced screens on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G, but since the change of the design in the iPhone 4 it stopped.

Appleā€™s approach on this has been made quite clear – they only do repairs that can be done in minimal time. On the iPhone 4S and 4 these include rear panel replacement, camera replacement, and sometimes vibrator assembly replacement.