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When it comes to Apple, cheap might not be worse…

According to reports – Apple in response to its potential declining position in the huge smartphone market, is said to be working on a ‘cheaper’ version of the iPhone. Perish the thought. Or is it not as stupid as it sounds.

The more modest version of the iPhone, often code-named the ‘iPhone Mini’, could out there later in the year. Apple has been known to have examined the launch of a ‘less expensive’ iPhone, but as in car speak ‘its just a concept’.

But do Apple make the new iPhone Mini look like the standard iPhone design wise, but with a different and less expensive outer casing. For example lower the production costs for the device by using a polycarbonate plastic shell, rather than the aluminium in the iPhone 5 – all points to same good looks, cheaper feel in the hand.

Other parts could remain the same, or be ‘recycled from older iPhone models’. Whatever the master plan, as usual there is lots of chatter and the industry does need a ‘something new’. Also with millions of pre-paying mobile phone users worldwide that cannot afford the current iPhone, there is a thinking Apple will have to launch a less expensive ‘iPhone Mini’ to tap into new markets in emerging economies. The iPhone 5 is fast growing and makes Apple a lot of money at the moment, so there is very little incentive for Apple to crack on with an ‘iPhone Mini’ so soon. The team at Fix My reckon early 2014 will see an iPhone Mini launched on the world. Is there no end to the now global domination of Apple – Samsung beware!